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Is Microsoft 365 Taking SMBs to the Next Level

The two years of the Coronavirus pandemic have forced businesses to adapt to the so-called ‘new normal’. As organizations get used to new ways of working and operating and the market is witness to t...

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The Importance of Cloud Computing for Your Business

The Importance of Cloud Computing for Your Business Cloud Computing is everywhere today. You may be using it and not even know. When people hear the word cloud—from an IT perspective, that is—they immediately t...

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Why Go with Microsoft Office 365?

Why Go with Microsoft Office 365? The name itself is synonymous with top tier computer software: Microsoft. And Microsoft Office 365 is a product to boast. Whether you use a computer all day, every day, or you’...


Going With Cloud? Here’s Why Microsoft is Your Best Choice

So a fellow business owner tells you that they’ve just set up cloud services for all of their documents. “You’ve got to get it,” they say. “It’s made life so much simpler.” But what is a cloud service? You don’...


Microsoft Azure – Cloud Sharing with a Bodyguard

So what exactly is Azure? And how can Microsoft Azure cloud sharing offer more security? It’s a public cloud service. More simply put, it’s a public storage unit. But not like those ones you see along the side ...