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Has Your Website Been Optimized for Mobile Users?

    Did you know that this year there will be more mobile web surfers than stationary ones? That means more prospects are accessing your business website more through their smart phones, tablets or other mobile...


Five Ways Your Business Can Improve Its Search Engine Rankings

    In an age where most business happens online, not showing up in Google search results can really hurt you. While there’s no real shortcut to showing up consistently on web searches, there are a few quick fi...


Five Things You Should Do Right Now to Preserve Your Network and Systems

  1. Backup Files Every Day – As catastrophic as data loss is, the number of businesses that still are not backing up their network is unbelievable. According to the Symantec Small to Medium Size Business...


Data Loss Can Cause You to Shut Down

    Small and medium sized businesses today are relying more than ever on IT systems to efficiently run their business, support customers and optimize productivity. These systems house sensitive digital data ra...


Can You Really Afford Not to Have a Backup Plan?

    According to Symantec SMB, 50% of SMBs admit to having no backup and disaster recovery plan in place. 41% of those surveyed confessed that they had never even given much thought to implementing a disaster r...


Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Sync vs. Cloud Backup: What’s the Difference?

Although the idea of switching “to the cloud” is something that’s becoming ever more popular in today’s world of business, the question still looms when the distinction needs to be made between sync vs. storage...


Microsoft Enhances Its Leading Platform with the Purchase of Avere Systems

Microsoft Corporation recently acquired Avere Systems. The acquisition is the company’s attempt to lift their services above the closely-competitive Amazon (AWS) and Google (Cloud). Avere Systems offers cloud o...

Cloud Storage Microsoft News

The Importance of Cloud Computing for Your Business

The Importance of Cloud Computing for Your Business Cloud Computing is everywhere today. You may be using it and not even know. When people hear the word cloud—from an IT perspective, that is—they immediately t...

Cloud Storage Microsoft Office 365

Why Go with Microsoft Office 365?

Why Go with Microsoft Office 365? The name itself is synonymous with top tier computer software: Microsoft. And Microsoft Office 365 is a product to boast. Whether you use a computer all day, every day, or you’...


Cloud Options: Cloud Is In, So Now What?

 Cloud storage is the new norm, and for good reason: something that’s worked has been improved upon. So what are your best cloud options? Whether you’ve been in business for 30 years or 30 days, cloud storage i...