The Importance of Cloud Computing for Your Business

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The Importance of Cloud Computing for Your Business Cloud Computing is everywhere today. You may be using it and not even know. When people hear the word cloud—from an IT perspective, that is—they immediately think of storage. And for good reason; it is, in fact, a storage-centric operation. But there’s much more to it. If you’ve ever sent an email, …

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Why Go with Microsoft Office 365?

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Why Go with Microsoft Office 365? The name itself is synonymous with top tier computer software: Microsoft. And Microsoft Office 365 is a product to boast. Whether you use a computer all day, every day, or you’re a rare user who swears up and down that life was better before all this technology, if someone mentions the Microsoft, you’ve heard …

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Cloud Options: Cloud Is In, So Now What?

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 Cloud storage is the new norm, and for good reason: something that’s worked has been improved upon. So what are your best cloud options? Whether you’ve been in business for 30 years or 30 days, cloud storage is a crucial part of your everyday operations. And surely you’ve heard of it, whether from your fellow entrepreneurs, or staff members, or …

Going With Cloud? Here’s Why Microsoft is Your Best Choice

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So a fellow business owner tells you that they’ve just set up cloud services for all of their documents. “You’ve got to get it,” they say. “It’s made life so much simpler.” But what is a cloud service? You don’t want to ask, sounding like a novice. Then again, you don’t want to jump into something blind. Well, according to …

Microsoft Office 365: How it can simplify your business life

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Bundles are great. They take multiple things that we need and wrap them up into one little package. TV, Internet and phone – save money, get everything you want, pay one single service provider. Play Station, two controllers, and a game – you need the controllers and game in order to use the Play Station, so why not buy the …