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The Business Case for Endpoint Management Modernization According to Microsoft

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Businesses are facing a shortage of talent to attract and retain employees. They are the most critical component to the success of any business.  In the case of IT support, these divisions are growing with employers willing to pay 76% more in the form of higher wages, bonuses, and benefits. 

The problem is that you need technology that integrates a unified endpoint management system.  Microsoft lays out three different areas you want to think about to achieve these objectives. Here are these areas and what they can do to improve your endpoint management. 

Fewer Support Tickets

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager lets you streamline all of your customer support needs. It looks at every stage in the lifecycle process to resolve issues while they are small. This means that the customer is less likely to contact support. You see fewer tickets created and understand what is happening faster. 

We help you to see the importance of a unified endpoint management system. We have decades of experience working with many different size businesses and offer customized solutions. Our goal is to help you succeed by using different IT systems to your benefit. 

Cloud Access to Everything You Need

One of the things that are great about the endpoint manager is you can see what is happening from anywhere. This application can be uploaded onto a laptop that lets you have access to everything you need using the cloud. You understand what is happening faster and can respond to any changes quickly. 

This application lets you save on overlapping technology costs, licenses, software, vendors, subscriptions, and maintenance costs. You see ore productivity among employees thanks to the improved collaboration and communication. 

Lower Levels of Non-Compliance and Data Breaches

The endpoint manager helps you to reduce the chances of data breaches. It uses the latest technology and IT security procedures (such as the Zero Trust approach) to improve compliance and prevention. 

This approach decreases the number of successful data breaches by as much as 50%. Employees see lower amounts of lost productivity and your insurance premiums will remain steady. You are less of a risk and the insurance company keeps your rates low. 

What does this do for You?

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the tool that gives you all of the solutions you need. It adjusts to different work environments such as remote and hybrid. 

You have the most advanced cyber security tools and procedures to protect your information. This reduces the downtime and costs of recovering after these events. 

You will also see improved communication and collaboration. This leads to high levels of productivity and satisfaction. 

Putting It All Together

These are some of the ways the endpoint manager can help you to understand and address the challenges facing your business.Contact us today at [email protected]  or by phone at 877-891-6911 and put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

The world of technology is changing and we give you the tools to adjust with the biggest issues in today’s workplace. You understand what is happening and have the solutions to identify new trends early. This gives you an edge. 

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