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New Ways of Working and Experiences in Windows 11 and Windows 365 Empower

Windows is adjusting to the new challenges facing the work environment. Gone are the days of everyone coming into the office. Now, more options are available including remote and hybrid. 73% of employees want flexible work options using Windows 11 and 365 Empower to give them these solutions. Here are some of the ways Windows 11 and 365 Empower are transforming the work environment. 

Windows 11

Windows 11 is refreshing your experience with a new File Explorer. You can quickly access your device using the Context IQ. This uses artificial intelligence to move across many Windows-based solutions including the cloud. 

The Tabs feature lets you look for multiple files and multitask from one location. These solutions lead to a 35% increase in productivity. Employees like its flexibility and focused capabilities. 

Inside Windows 11 is an integrated focus timer and do not disturb feature. Both of these help you to focus and plan your day. This creates a customized schedule that reduces the time it takes to figure out when to do different activities. 

We can help you to find customized solutions that work well for your business. Windows 11 has been updated to give you more and it lets you do those activities that will increase your productivity and collaboration. 

Windows 365 Empower

The Windows 365 Empower is the first cloud-based PC. It lets you connect on the cloud for numerous activities. An employee’s passwords, codes, and settings are stored on the cloud. You can adjust to the different types of employees and create solutions that work well for your organization. 

Windows 365 is bringing together the power of using the cloud and it increases flexibility. This is occurring in several different areas including

  • The Windows 365 Boot: This allows you to log directly onto the PC at the startup. You can share information better and it makes working with different levels of employees easier. 
  • Windows 365 Switch: This lets you move between the Windows 365 Cloud PC and a nearby desktop. The switch makes this so simple and you can use the mouse, keyboard commands, and swipe gestures. 
  • Windows 365 App: This is a path that lets you switch between the Windows 365 Cloud PC using the Start menu on the taskbar. You can use this to create a customized welcome experience including the work style, settings, and profile. 
  • Windows 365 Offline: This feature lets you work in Windows 365 including those times when you are disconnected. Windows will sync itself without losing any data and improve the user’s experience and workflow. 

These areas improve your ability to collaborate and continue working on any Windows-based device. 

Putting It All TogetherWindows 11 and 365 are transforming how different employees collaborate with each other. Both are making things much easier to stay connected and know what is happening. Contact us today at [email protected]  or by phone at 877-891-6911 and let us help you to see how these solutions can make a difference. You can use them to give your business more and adjust to the changing needs you are facing.

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