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Do I Need A Microsoft Expert?

In 2022 the average small business has undergone significant transformations over the last 2 years.  As part of that transformation many SMB have grown or even made their digital operations the core of their business.  As part of that digital transformation many have chosen Microsoft as one of their core partners.

A key driver in moving to Microsoft 365 was because it supplies the basic tools businesses need to operate in the digital age.  A reliable cloud platform to host your data and business tools; like Excel, Word and PowerPoint.  Microsoft Teams powers communications and allows remote work possible, with chat, voice, and video communications.

If you have implemented or plan to implement Microsoft 365 across your organization.  We are Microsoft experts who love and are passionate about the possibilities that Microsoft is bringing to businesses.

Microsoft 365 today is much more than just a productivity suite, where users check their emails, chat with coworkers, or share documents. Today the Microsoft 365 collection of apps and systems provides a full software stack for businesses to run completely in the cloud. Empowering their users and customers anywhere in the globe.

Did you know that Microsoft 365 has a powerful analytics engine with Power BI and the Dataverse? One of the biggest challenges facing business today is capitalizing on the enormous amount of data that is being generated by their systems.   Microsoft Power BI engine and Dataverse allow you to collect and analyze data from almost any connected application or database, to draw real insights into your business operations and future projections. Gone are the days of manually generating routine excel reports

Did you know that Microsoft 365 has a full endpoint management suite called Microsoft Intune Device Management, that allows you to securely manage your employees’ devices regardless of OS (windows, macOS, android iOS), maintain critical updates, and even allow seamless enrollment and setup of new devices?

Did you know that Microsoft 365 has a comprehensive suite of security tools to secure your applications, employee information and data, with an enterprise level compliance engine that meets or exceeds most global regulatory requirements?  The best part is Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Purview are included with your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Did you know that Microsoft 365 has a new cloud-based project management app called Microsoft Project for the Web?  Recently launched this app was engineered from the ground up for modern project management and collaboration in the cloud.

Microsoft 365 is security

Microsoft 365 is work automation

Microsoft 365 is business intelligence

Microsoft 365 is development.

Microsoft 365 is so much more.

At Patchnet we have focused our efforts on understanding, training and deploying these latest offerings from Microsoft so that our clients can realize the benefits of the 365 Platform. But more than that it allows our clients to stay competitive and excel in this new digital world.

If you are interested in maximizing your Microsoft 365 investment and seeing the full possibilities of what 365 can do for your business, then please reach out. We have experts ready to assist.

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