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Is Microsoft 365 Taking SMBs to the Next Level

The two years of the Coronavirus pandemic have forced businesses to adapt to the so-called ‘new normal’. As organizations get used to new ways of working and operating and the market is witness to the continuous emergence of new tools, customer expectations too are evolving. The new tools are bringing about changes in the communication channels and providing people the flexibility in functioning and collaboration, resulting in business innovation.  

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) too are having to adjust to the changed way of working. But their challenges are quite different from that of large organizations. That is why they require tools that can be customized to suit their specific demands and challenges. 

This is where Microsoft 365 comes in. It is a tool that has multiple applications. This comprehensive tool not only aids SMBs in their business, it also makes things simple.  

Today’s Microsoft 365 service is more than just an application produtcivity suite, it’s a comprehensive set of services to enable your business to operate. 

Beyond email, and data storage, 365, enables collaboration on projects, and configuring IT infrastructure, to providing tools to secure your business data and devices.

An Ideal Tool for Small Business Owners 

So how exactly does Microsoft 365 help SMBs? Is it really an ideal tool for SMBs? Short answer, yes, it is.  

It delivers everything that SMBs require to operate and adapt in the prevailing new working environment including meeting the unique demands of their customers. 

Here are a few ways Microsoft 365 specifically helps SMBs: 

  1. Provides Safety and Security 

Statistics shared by the US Department of Homeland Security reveal there has been a 300 percent increase in ransomware attacks in the last year alone. Of these attacks 50 percent were aimed at SMBs.  

Why so? Because SMBs are not big enough to manage their IT environment on their own. This forces them to rely on trusted partners.  

Microsoft 365 works with these partners to provide data security and privacy. This includes restricted access, data loss prevention, and multi-factor authentication. Microsoft 365 also ensures complete security and transparency of your data, keeping it safe from spams and attacks.  

Microsoft Defender is now part of Microsoft 365 Business Premium, delivering cross-platform endpoint protection and sophisticated ransomware defenses.

2. Enables Ease of Use 

Microsoft 365 is hugely popular among professionals. Why?  

Because not only is it easy to learn its functionality, but there is also no requirement of learning about complicated software or installing systems or even learn new methodology.  

This is a perfect scenario for SMBs. Microsoft 365 being easy to use does not require any specialized or trained staff to operate it, thus saving small organizations the cost of training their resources.  

Also, the fact that it’s all there in the cloud, ensures data safety and non-complexity in work. You can focus on your business without having to worry about any of the technicalities. 

3. Helps Meet, Call, Chat, and Connect 

The small size of a business does not mean that the resources do not require to interact digitally with one another. And this is not only true for resources who work in the company but is also true for retailers, vendors, customers, and collaborators to communicate and collaborate with each other.  

Microsoft Teams is what enables interactions, chats, meets, and calls on a regular basis. With the communication channel always active and people connected, work delivered is top-quality and people working are highly efficient at their job.  

It is also an inexpensive and easy way to remain connected digitally. Since no IT expertise is required to operate it, almost anybody can operate a Teams account. This ensures timely participation and effective working. MS Teams is one of the most affordable solutions available to professionals today. 

Patchnet Can Help You Transform Your Business 

We are committed to customers’ need for flexibility, which is why are a Microsoft Partner and specialized in the Azure cloud. Microsoft has built Azure to be hybrid by design and they continue to invest in enabling the use of cloud-native technologies anywhere. 

Tailored Solution Is Real 

Over the years SMBs have had to face challenges due to the lack of a proper tailored solution for their business. With the Microsoft 365 this need too has been fulfilled.  

SMBs no longer must rely on a patchwork of consumer and commercial solutions. Microsoft 365 has turned out to be an ideal fit for the unique needs of SMBs. 

Why us? Because as Microsoft Partner we have extensive experience in deploying Microsoft Cloud solutions. 

To know more you can call us at (877) 891-6911 or connect here: to ask about our Free 10-day Trial of Device Monitoring. 

Contact us at Patchnet today. 

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