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The Growing Trend of Hybrid and Multicloud Solutions in Businesses

The pandemic has pushed many businesses to evolve and strategize about their existing digital investments and the technologies they are using. The use of cloud computing technology has been on the rise. More and more companies it is being seen are moving towards deploying a hybrid or multicloud approach in their organizations.

A survey found 86% of all respondents who had plans of opting to increase their investment in hybrid or multicloud solutions for their businesses.  What does this mean? It means current trends point to an increasing desire by businesses to invest in hybrid and multicloud environments. 

Businesses want to seize the opportunity that cloud technology presents so it can solve their unique as well as complex organizational demands. 

Why Hybrid and Multicloud?

So what is it that is drawing businesses to increasingly adopt hybrid and multicloud solutions for their organizations? Four things.

  1. To fuel success in business
  2. To enable and encourage emerging scenarios in working
  3. To improve resource efficiency
  4. To increase business agility

With more and more organizations opting for remote work, the demand for efficiency and reducing business costs is on the rise. To keep up with the existing competitive scenario, businesses are rapidly lapping up any opportunity they get to better their production and efficiency as well as keep costs low. And hybrid and multicloud technologies are helping them achieve their business goals and needs, successfully.

Many companies are going as far as deploying additional clouds for their own specific purposes. For instance having a cloud just for AI. What is visible is a strategic intent that organizations are displaying in choosing these technologies.

Even though many businesses continue to mix and match, what is clear is the need to adopt cloud solutions if not in all areas of business but at least in some. While some businesses plan to make changes to their cloud infrastructures, others have plans to increase cloud usage in their organizations. 

Patchnet Can Help You Transform Your Business

Our team at Patchnet can help you with cloud migrations from Microsoft 365 to Azure. They can assist you in all stages of cloud deployment including Azure migrations and Azure site recovery services. 

We are specialists at providing technical and project management expertise to design and build cloud solutions for your business. Our experts not only design and customize a solution for you that meets your technical and budgetary requirements, but also provide flexible options for services and prices. 

As far as cloud migration goes, our technical team will work to assess your existing environment and applications so that the best path for migrating your infrastructure to the cloud can be determined. We work with you at every stage of the migration. From carrying out assessments to planning documentation and turnkey technical services, we are always there with you.

Why us? Because we have partnered with top cloud partners of the industry so that you receive only the best breed of cloud solutions. To know more you can call us at (877) 891-6911 or connect here: to ask about our Free 10-day Trial of Device Monitoring.        

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