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Why Go with Microsoft Office 365?

Why Go with Microsoft Office 365?

The name itself is synonymous with top tier computer software: Microsoft. And Microsoft Office 365 is a product to boast.

Whether you use a computer all day, every day, or you’re a rare user who swears up and down that life was better before all this technology, if someone mentions the Microsoft, you’ve heard of it.

The biggest name in technology can help your business individually. They work day and night to come up with the best products, and these products can make your business run smoothly and more effectively.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

If you’ve had a PC, you’ve more than likely had Microsoft Office. This includes the bundle of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. You may not have used any of these other than Word, but if you had Office, they were there, waiting in the shadows.

Office 365 is like Office, just a little better.

For one, Microsoft Office 365 doesn’t charge the hefty up-front fee that your in-home Office charges. Instead, you pay a recurring, low monthly fee, yet you get the same programs and the same access.

On top of the price difference is the difference in options.

So on top of the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook applications you get with Office 365, you also get cloud storage, which is extremely important for your business and its livelihood.

Microsoft Office 365 Offers Cloud Storage

When running a business, you’ll inevitably have files. When you use Word to write up your estimates, or Excel to keep record of customers and their contact information, you save those files. Maybe they’re sitting in your Documents folder or some folder designated to a certain part of your business. Or maybe you have no idea where they’re saved—you just hit that little floppy disk button on the upper-left corner of your screen and that’s it.

Then those files sit in your computer, or in an employee’s computer. And if something were to happen to that computer, those files are gone.

But not with cloud storage offered by Microsoft Office 365.

With Office 365, if a computer hard drive crashes, or the computer itself, you can be rest assured your files are safe inside the cloud storage Microsoft has offered you.

Imagine years and years of business documents gone because of a tiny piece of hardware inside a computer. Cloud storage dissolves that worry and lets you carry on with your work in the event something like this happens.

Disaster Recovery

We live in a place susceptible to hurricanes. Irma last year, and Matthew the year before were both devastating. Many businesses lost everything.

With Office 365, everything will be stored online. Insurance can cover the cost of buildings and equipment, but if your files aren’t backed up on a cloud, they can’t be recovered—there’s no insurance for that. Actually, cloud storage is the only insurance for that. And it’s why we not only offer it as a service, but we use it ourselves.

We don’t want to see a natural disaster take away everything we’ve created over the years. And we don’t want to see it take away anything of yours, either.

If you want to use the best cloud storage option on the best PC platform, call us at 877-891-6911, and let us explain to you the multiple packages available to bring the safety and security of Microsoft Office 365 into your office.

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