Microsoft Azure – Cloud Sharing with a Bodyguard

So what exactly is Azure? And how can Microsoft Azure cloud sharing offer more security?

It’s a public cloud service. More simply put, it’s a public storage unit. But not like those ones you see along the side of the road, or on Storage Wars. Instead, these are virtual public storage units, for files.

Public clouds are scary. And to some, they can’t see past the word ‘public’. What happens if someone gets access to my files? How will I even know?

But with Microsoft Azure, cloud sharing reassurance may finally be reached.

With the amount of business Microsoft conducts, it’s not a shock that they spend one billion dollars per year on their cyber security. And a large portion of that goes to Microsoft Azure—the most trusted cloud platform.

Azure Security Center helps you prevent, detect, and respond to threats. According to their website, 90% of Fortune 500 companies trust Microsoft Cloud. And it is recognized as the most trusted cloud for U.S. Government institutions.

But while security is key, Azure has many other reasons for its widespread use.

With Azure, customizations are key. From building and designing your own web apps, to extending Azure to your datacenter using Azure Stack, you truly can design this to fit into your business the way you desire.

And with their Accelerated App Innovation, you can build apps quickly and easily. Once built, you can manage them proactively using the Azure portal, Application Insights, and deliver them seamlessly using another of the many tools, Xamarin.

Microsoft Azure has so much to offer. So much so that they offer training courses on their website.

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