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The healthcare industry is becoming more data driven and online than ever before. It is also heavily regulated and IT companies supporting healthcare must be HIPAA compliant and have an understanding of  technology integration and support in this environment.  Patchnet is experienced at providing secure and leading edge IT support to medical practices and healthcare businesses.

Law firms are highly dependent upon having complete and accurate data at their fingertips, whether in the office or courtroom.  Case management tools require secure database solutions.  Document management systems demand cloud based storage or on site solutions with built in backups and disaster recovery.  Attorneys need access to key files anywhere, any time.  At Patchnet we understand the demands of a legal practice and are here to make sure your technology solutions are fast and reliable.

Education is dependent upon technology for both online and offline classes.  Collaborative education tools are used by teachers to distribute assignments and key learning materials, and by students to ask question, participate in class forums and submit their work.  Printed books are on their way to being replaced by online materials, making schools and colleges highly dependent upon their technology to deliver services.  At Patchnet we get it and we’re here to help.  Our top notch IT experts will help you to design a reliable technology environment and keep it up and running.

Manufacturing & Distribution are highly dependent upon automation and intelligent systems for production and optimization.  Efficiency metrics are managed by online tools and ordering of materials relies upon effective real time inventory.  Downtime is costly and difficult to recover from.  Patchnet understands how to build an IT infrastructure with failsafe protection and quick response time in the event of service impacts.

In today’s construction industry, project plans and records are all online, accessible from the office and the construction site.  Computer problems can mean costly down time and must be avoided.  At Patchnet, we know how to build a network and database structure that will provide reliable service to keep your machines humming and workers productive.


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